What to Bring

Please send your child with their backpack daily. We will provide a name tag for their pack on their first day at Preschool. Children will need to have a pair of indoor shoes, which will stay at the school. Please provide an extra change of clothes, including socks and underwear inside a labeled plastic bag which will stay at their Preschool location. Make sure that your child’s name is on everything that you send to school.

Each day please send a small, nutritious, peanut and nut-free snack and a healthy beverage for your own child. A drinking box with a straw or reusable bottle is preferred. Do not send glass or pop containers or “sippy cups”. If your child has specific feeding challenges, please discuss this with your child’s teacher.

Toys and other personal favorites such as blankets, stuffed animals etc. should be left at home or in your vehicle. This will avoid any problems such as damage or loss, both of which may be very distressing to your child. Throughout the year, each child will have opportunities to bring something special from home to share with their class. Teachers will send more information about special days in their newsletters. 

Indoor Shoes

At St. Albert Public Preschool, we pride ourselves on creating and keeping the Preschool space much like a second home for the children to enjoy. All children must bring a pair of clean, indoor, running type shoes to stay at school. Encouraging the routine of changing into these shoes at the very beginning of the school day creates a good habit that will be easy to maintain. Ideal indoor shoes are supportive and the correct size. Building independence with putting shoes on and taking shoes off is a skill we work on in Preschool. Please consider the stretch of the material, so that your child can pull back the tongue to easily slip a foot into the shoe. Also consider whether the fastener is easily opened and closed by your child. It is always a good idea to have your child with you when purchasing shoes to ensure proper fit and ease of getting shoes on and off. Keeping these tips in mind should help improve your child’s independence and confidence with this skill.