St. Albert Public Preschool offers an inclusive Preschool environment that provides supports and services for children of all abilities. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that the early years of learning are very valuable. We encourage children to explore, experiment and develop skills at their levels of ability. We provide a positive learning experience for your children in a loving, fun and nurturing environment.

Young children are curious and eager to learn new things. Play is an effective and age-appropriate way to develop new skills. Through play, children learn skills to control their bodies, develop communication and thinking skills, concentrate and follow through. They also learn to interact with and relate to others. Play in early childhood is the best foundation for success in school.

Our Preschool will meet the needs of your children by:

  • providing learning experiences which help to develop early literacy and numeracy skills in a developmentally-appropriate environment;
  • providing a positive introduction to school, learning with love, fun and enthusiasm;
  • providing programming in all areas of child development including communication, social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills;
  • providing programming which meets each child's needs developmental needs;
  • fostering self-esteem through relationships with children and adults who express acceptance and respect for all children;
  • recognizing that all children are unique in how they learn and accepting their differences;
  • creating an environment that allows children to utilize problem-solving skills with peers and adults in social situations with guidance and supervision;
  • building a common set of experiences through interaction with others; and
  • working together with families and community services to meet the needs of all children and their families.

What is Program Unit Funding?

Program Unit Funding (PUF) allows our Preschool and Kindergarten programs to provide supports and services to children between the ages of 2.8 and 4.8 years of age who have been identified as needing early intervention due to significant developmental delays in one or more area. If your child has been identified as needing supports and services or you have concerns about your child's development please contact Principal Tracy Columbine at 780.419.6545.